Mr Bulletfeeder Dropper Tensioning Spring Assembly


The Mr Bullet Feeder Dropper Tensioning Spring Assembly is a spring assembly solution that includes two carefully selected tension springs and two printed parts designed to fit onto the Mr Bullet Feeder dropper.

Being gravity powered, the Mr Bullet Feeder dropper could sometimes make close contact with a die or suffer from side tension on the dropper head, creating friction that would not allow the dropper to move smoothly or quickly enough. This resulted in the 2nd bullet falling out the dropper onto the shell plate.

This tensioning spring assembly is available to resolve this problem!
The Upper collar assembles around the brass weight section, multiple positioning tabs allow you to find the right angle for positioning the springs without interfering with nearby dies or powder droppers.

The lower collar screws onto your die section, allowing you to adjust its height to control the added downward force.

The double spring system creates a balanced downward force allowing for smooth functioning of the die, ensuring that the dropper follows the extracting case, overcoming any friction.


Mr Bulletfeeder Dropper Tensioning Spring Assembly


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