ASP Berdan to Boxer Conversion Kit – 303


Additional Note: Due to 303 Berdan cases having 2 primer pocket ID sizes;

Small primer pocket ID swaged as above for older Berdan cases with larger pocket ID’s (Copper Primer) additional copper rings need to be swaged in converted cases to accept larger rifle primers.


Convert up to 700 cases

Use any Sturdy Loading Press – Unit comes complete with one spare Punch
The punch is manufactured from special tool steel. The tool does the conversion and pushes out the used primer at the same time.
You initially need to set the punch and lock it with the lock nut just deep enough to push out the spent primer.

Please note: Berdan 303 cases has a larger primer pocket ID than boxer cases.

These cases, primer pockets, needs to be crimp/stroked/shackled smaller to accept LR Std primers, using the ASP H/D swaging press.


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