Accessories Information

12GA Shell Holder Tray

Machined out of aircraft aluminium, holds 25 12GA shot gun shells.

ASP Complete Storage Rack

You can now keep your loading bench neat and tidy.  This heavy duty quality rack can easily store up to 5 work stations, like re loading presses, priming stations, swaging presses, etc.

Will only work with the ASP quick change tool holder.  This rack is manufactured from solid steel.  Base is powder coated and square steel galvanized and yellow passivated.  Unit comes complete with 6 rawl bolts to mount unit to wall.  Only takes a couple of seconds to remove or safely replace any work station into the rack.  Racks can be mounted on a solid wall, either next to one another or beneath one another to accommodate more work stations.  This keeps your loading bench clean and safe at all times.  Used in conjunction with our ASP Quick change tool clamp, tools can be change with the greatest of ease within a few minutes. 

Sizes H150mm, L10000mm, Thick 5mm, C/W 6xM8 Rawl Bolts to fix to a wall.  Powder coated.

Ballistic Gel

10% Ballistic gel, DIY kit with instructions, packed in mould R680-00

Gel can be used a number of times if handled correctly, only first cast will however be exactly 10% as per FBI spec

L 380mm, W 250mm, H 150mm

Quick Change Tool Holder Kit c/w base plus 2 off tools

Options include, Additional mounting plate, Quick clamp tool kit.

Quick Change clamp tool Kit includes

1 x 5,1mm HSS Drill

1 x m6 Tap

1 x 5mm Allen Key

20 x m6 x 20 Socket Head Cap Screws

20 x m6 x 25 Socket Head Cap Screws

40 x m6 galvanized washers.

Flogging hammer

This tool was designed by ASP to remove bullets stuck in a barrel.  Often on the range for various reasons one is stuck with a bullet in the barrel of a hand gun or rifle.  The first thing that comes to mind, that is normally available, both at the range or while in the field is a cleaning rod.  Using this normally destroys the cleaning rod.  With the bullet still stuck and the cleaning rod needs to be replaced.  This tool was designed and supplied in a compact kit form to remove bullets from barrels or stuck cases with very little effort.  Without causing any damage to the barrel.  Simply select the required brass rod for the required calibre. 

Fit to the sliding hammer and gently tap the hammer until the bullet is removed from the barrel.  This operation can easily be done by one person.  This can also be used to drive desired lead balls down a barrel to measure the exact bores of barrels.  We have two models available.  Standard for hand guns.  Deluxe model, this can be used for both hand guns and rifles.  Spares are also available on request.

Glock Mag Bases

For all medium frame Glocks.

9mm, 17, 19, 23, 26, 27, 34, 40 & 357

Colours Black, Orange, Red & Silver

Grub Screws


Metric Assortment – 260 pieces

ASP Heavy Duty Rotating Rifle & Hand Guns Stand

Rifle Stand – Turns on heavy duty bearings levelling adjusting feet.  650mm in diameter x 1,2 meter high. 

American Walnut wood, comes in DIY kit form.

Hand gun – This is a basic stand.  Additional hand gun holders can be attached to store up to 24 guns.  Holds a total of 32 Fire arms.  Have easy access to any of the fire arms, even in confined spaces.

ASP Universal shell holder rack

Tired of searching for your shell holders.  Use this universal shell holder rack to store up to 81 shell holders.  Can be used to wall mount or stand on your loading bench.

ASP Professional Work Bench

Our work benches are designed with the enthusiast in mind, it features a sturdy 3mm all steel construction, 40mm laminated top and is fully adjustable to suite the widest range of needs.

Standard table dimensions are W 1600mm, D 575mm and H 940mm. Feet are adjustable for levelling and height.

Options include

  • • Set of heavy duty drawers, dimensions W 410mm, D 410mm, H 130mm
  • • Fixed shelfs
  • • Sliding shelfs
  • • Available in red and blue

ASP Safes

Safe Dimensions: 1500x445x560  (Holds 7 rifles)

Frame 2.00mm

Door 6.00mm

Safes can be made to any specification.