Frequently Asked Questions

Q – My wife has a 9mm Glock 42.38 pistol.  We are looking for bullets for her ultimate stopping power for self-defence.  What would you recommend.

A – Our 9mmK (380) 90Gr SMJHP was designed especially for personal home defence.

Traveling at between 980 & 1039 Fps.  This bullet expands to 17mm in diameter once the target is hit. Dumping all the energy into the target. Designed not to over penetrate. 

There is unfortunately not a wide range of bullets for personal home defence available in this calibre.

Q – I’m looking for information on the SME-C AND SMJHP-C AMMO? I’m leaning towards the SMJHP-C but if the other has performed better, I’m open minded. I have a S&W m&p 40 pistol. If you could tell me more about the specs of the ammo, if there’s +p, where I can find info regarding shot/ballistic tests, and give me pricing, that would be wonderful. 

A – Our bullets are designed to dump maximum energy into the target, cause as much damage and not over penetrate. You can load +P!

This will however not have the desired impact for which they were designed.

They will open, and the petals will probably break off. It will also over penetrate. 

Our 140gr bullets are designed to travel at about 1150 – 1200f/s. They will then open after about 25mm penetration. Expand to about 127mm and retain its weight. 

We tested the ammo shooting through four layers of denim and two layers of flannel.

Q – I am interested in heads for 9mm and .40 S&W.  What penetration did you get in the ballistics gel?  Have you considered lighter heads than 115Gr? 

A – The tests were done using 4 layers of denim and 2 flannel. Penetration for both 9mmP & 40 S&W were between 220 to 270mm. In ballistics legatine.

For both SME and SMJHP models. The standard weights for our Bullets are as per list.

We have not considered any other bullet weights in these calibre’s as yet!

Our aim was to develop PHD bullets and rounds that will cause major damage and not over penetrate.

Q – What’s the weights on the 9mm ammo and what speeds and col are you running them and what powders are you using for reloading?

A – Both the 9mm SME & SMJHP are 115Gr.

 SME Ball point  1150-1180 FPS

Powder S121. Start 4,6Gr –  Max 5,0Gr.

COL 26,95 – 27,00mm

SMJHP – hollow point   1150-1180 FPS

Powder S121. Start 4,7Gr –  Max 5,0Gr.

COL 27,50 27,70mm

Please make sure of the following when re loading:

Flare the case slightly before seating the bullets.

Once you have seated and crimped one or two bullets make sure that they feed into your pistol and that the slide goes into battery.

Make sure that the cases are suitable to accept our bullets.

We have found Hornady and Star line brass to work best. PMP cases were found problematic. The cases have a large taper and causes a ring on the brass when seating.

Q – Can I order bullets from Australia.

A – Yes you can.  Can you let us know what the laws are regarding this?

We can courier products directly to you.  Please bear in mind that all our products offered are monolithic and therefore not cheap.

We are offering bullets (Projectiles) only. 

Q – What are available in the 500S&W?

A – We have developed a few versions for the 500 S&W.  As these are manufactured from copper the weights are normally lighter than the lead copper jacketed bullets.

The standard weights we currently have in stock vary from 330Gr to 430Gr. Refer to shop

Q – Would it be possible to obtain a starter pack of your 9mmP and 40S&W pistol bullets for evaluation? Are they available in the Chilliwack region ofBritish Columbia, Canada? If so, I reply with a mailing address, and whatever form of payment that may be required.

A – They are freely available in South Africa.  They are currently not available of the shelf in your country.

The items that you have enquired about are starter kits and therefore must be loaded by yourself.  I am sure that we can courier these items to you with a reputable courier.

Are you aware of any restrictions of the importation of these products into your country? 

Q – Where and how do I purchase ammunition.

A – For all Ammo orders, please be aware that you need a Copy of ID and Firearm license back and front.  Ammo is only available from our selected dealers. 

Email us to find out who our dealers are.

Q – How do we become a dealer for ASP Products.

Please contact Louise on the following to complete a dealer registration.

For all Ammo orders, please send a copy of your SAPS272(b) – Licenses to trade.

Q – Interested in ammo for .25AUTO 6.35mm 38gr baby brownie

A – The people that load our ammo do not want to load this product as it is very small and the tooling to load this automatically is not available.

It would be best to buy the components and load them or get someone to load them for you.  Available in SMJHP only.

Q –  Is it possible to quote me on rounds for my .32 special (short snubbed) Ruby revolver?

A – You get two types of .32 rimmed cartridges.

Please send me a picture of the Ammo as well as the box it is in so that I can determine what you have.

We will be able to assist you with the SMJHP Bullets.

We might have to develop a load for them though.

Q – Hello, I just stumbled upon your Facebook and got very interested in your work. – Would you tell me the different bullet weights and applications (the mechanics behind the designs) of your 3 different rounds?  – Do you ship to Cape Town?

A – We manufacture bullets in SME & SMJHP only.

Our rifle bullets come in 3 different types.

 – Sharp point.

 – Hollow point.

 – Hollow point fluted.

The aim of our PHD hand gun bullets is to dump max energy into the target.  Not to over penetrate.  Expand to maximum diameter after entering 25mm into the target.

Please refer to the Ballistics testing done on our web page? 

IMPORTANT:  When purchasing ASP 9mm SME and SMJHP bullets, please only use Hornady or Starline cases.

Q – I like to buy 100 THV bullets for 9mm Para, I think the 48,1 gr version.  ps. any hint for max pressures suitable for THV, like some working load recipe. I have some info already for  THV, like one actual pressure measurement in a test barrel, but don’t know the used bullets actual material/friction in that test. velocities over 600m/s Achievable.

A – The 9mmP THV is a light weight high velocity projectile.

Please note that this is a compressed load.  To be used in a pistol that is in good condition.  We developed the following load, using local propellants.

S121  11Gr, COL 28.00mm, 2100 – 2180f/s

Tests were done using a Glock with 115mm barrel.  Not to sure which propellants are available in your country.

S121 is a locally manufactured propellant.  Manufactured by Rheinmetall / Denel Munition. Somchem powders.

The equivalent of S121 is Bullseye.  You can also use MS200 equivalent Red Dot.

Min load 9.00Gr. – Max 11,5Gr

You will obviously have to develop your own load, using your choice of powder.

The velocity is of importance.  A good quality new casing to be used for loading.

We used new Hornady Brass.  Care must always be taken when reloading.

These bullets must be used in fire arms that are in good working condition.

Q – I use 223 ammunition for target/sport use only.

A – We unfortunately do not supply loaded Ammunition.

If you want cheap ammunition, I suggest that you start re loading.

We can supply you with the correct top of the range equipment and tooling.

Alternatively, you can come and re load in our well-equipped re loading centre.

You will have to bring your own primers and Powder.

Q – I need a price for dies and swaging system for 9x19mm

A – R1550-00 inclusive vat. U need to use a good rock chucker Press with a inch shaft.

Q – What tooling do I use to convert military 303 brass from Berdan to boxer primers. 

The brass with the chopper primer is very old and has a 1/4” primmer pocket. These were manufactured in the early nineties.
These can be converted and installing a special copper insert to accept a standard LRP.
The others can be converted by swaging the primer pocket smaller after conversion, using our HD ASP swaging press.
This can also be done manually using simple basic tools but is not very consistent.
You will therefore need the following equipment and tooling.
A steardy single stage rock chucker loading press.
303 B-B conversion tool.
Copper inserts for the older brass.
Swaging press with swaging punches. This can be used for most calibers.
Additional punches for inserting and swaging the copper inserts.
Once the conversions have been done the normal re loading procedures are followed.
It is very important that the primer pockets are correct and that the primers fit the brass correctly. This precaution should also be taken when re loading any rounds.

Q – Wat het jy als nodig om a 9mm, 308 en 223 kaliber se weermag doppe te convert na gewone boxer primer. 

Berdan Boxer conversion Kit vir 9mmP, 308 en 223.

ASP HD swaging press om die primer pockets kleiner te krimp om standaard Primmers te gebruik.

9mmP complete kit vir 9mmP. Dit is vir n single stage press met n 25.4mm shaft. Die complete conversion kan dan op n single stage press gedoen word. As die kit gebruik word is die een 9mmP Berdan Boxer nie nodig nie


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