ASP Testing

We have done intensive testing on the bullets that we manufacture.

I have some nice pictures where we did tests in ballistic gel and compared them with most of the Ammo .380, 45 ACP, and 45 Magnum.

These were rounds that were brought by private members when they were challenged by us to witness the tests. 

We requested that they brought what they thought was the best Ammo to the challenge.

We also hired high speed cameras to see the actual wound channels and performance in the gelatines.

Please refer to the pictures of the end results which will explain all.

Please see pictures of tests done using ASP bullets.
Tests were done through a windscreen and a car door.
Ballistic Gel was placed behind both, to determine the penetration.
The last picture is of the gel to show the effect of the ASP bullets.

The bullets with 8 Petals are SME.
One with the ball.
While the SMJHP have 6 petals. No ball.

25 AUTO:
This bullet is one of the latest additions to our popular personal home defence ASP bullets.
This bullet is a .25 Auto 6.35mm 38 Gr boat tail Bullet. SMJHP-C
Expands to 15mm in diameter after penetration. Designed to maintain its full original weight.
Designed to dump maximum energy, cause maximum damage to the target.

This makes it a good self-defence round for this very small caliber pistol.
This bullet was designed and manufactured by popular demand as there is virtually no decent Ammo available for this popular pistol caliber!  Photos in file


Gone are the days that you can no longer use your .32 Auto 7.65 for Personal Home Defence. 

Test for 32 Auto 7.65 60Gr SMJHP done with 2 layers of Flannel & 4 layers of Denim.
This little 60Gr bullet from ASP travelling at 911.6 F/s. expanding to 20mm in diameter will stop any intruder dead in his tracks. 180mm penetration into Ballistic gel

Night Vision Testing – 500 Cal S&W

Testing 45acp